Who we are...

Z Expressions is a Community Parent Resource Center for families of children and adults with all disabilities. Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, our program serves families on the Treasure Coast, Indian River, Martin Okeechoobee, and Palm Beach counties, as well as the nation.

Z Expressions was created because we believe that it is important to be thoughtful of others and to display gratitude and appreciation. We aim to empower and educate parents of children with Unique Abilities through a community of social networking. We are compassionate about the rights of those living with disabilities and wanted to start a positive Revolution Movement to connect our communities.

Our Mission...

Our Mission is to provide Inspiration, Ideas and Support to help parents of children with Unique Abilities Create a Perfectly Imperfect Balance to Chaos.

Our Focus...

Our Focus is to to provide Growth, Support, Awareness and Hope for those with Unique Abilities on the following:

-Community Service: A Support Network and Resources for every part of the journey

-Parenting: Mentoring, Consulting, Wellness, and Career

​-Education: We believe Education is a key ingredient for enriching lives of parents and families

-Wellness: Mental, Physical and Emotional

These are all done through Fun, Education, and Appreciation Events, Seminars, Meet-ups, Retreats, Special Work From Home Opportunities, and a host of other community events.

                Z Expressions

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