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What do I learn in the Certification Virtual Environment?

Arise is a leader in virtual learning and becoming certified to service clients are required of all Client Service Professionals. To help ensure learners remain engaged in online Live Certification virtual Environment, classes have incorporated professor lead demonstrations, simulations, role-plays, exercises, application sharing, and assessments in the virtual classrooms. In addition active reading, assignments, and quizzes have been included in the online self-paced learning activities. Live classes most often run at 9:00 am EST and 7:00 pm EST. Additional times may also be available depending on the class. Classes cover all the skills and information necessary before providing services for an Independent Business within the Arise Network.

Are there discounts for students?

Students receive CSP101 Free. To get more information, please call us or schedule an appointment  and one of our Team member will contact you.

Are there any discounts for Active Duty Military, Spouses, or Veterans?

First we want to thank you and your family for your service. We know it may be difficult for you to maintain employment since you are constantly traveling and most often than any it could be immediately without much notice. Partnering with Z Expressions and Arise Virtual Solutions will allow you the opportunity to take your home office with as you and continue to earn revenue. Client Support Professional (CSP) 101 a required certification course offered by Arise that trains you on how to access their system in order to service the client you choose within the Arise network.The fee is Free. In addition your certification course, required certification course by the client you choose to service to become familiar with their systems is 50% off. Please contact us for more information.

It is not legitimate if I have to pay for something.

This is not true. A business-to-business partnership with Arise requires little up-front costs with the potential for a company to begin earning revenue.  Independent Businesses and their Client Support Professionals need to be familiar with Arise and client systems so that their companies can better take advantage of the available servicing opportunities.  To that end, there are courses
that must be completed in order to get started – CSP 101, the basic Arise certification course, and the certification course for the client program chosen to service. These are investments in your company’s future.  When you have successfully completed the certification process with Arise, you have gained knowledge that prepares you to provide service for that client. You also take that knowledge with you wherever you go and can add it to your resume.

Who is Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc.?

Arise virtual Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. They strive to change the way the world works. Arise outsources and utilizes a crowdsourcing call center assisting clients in many industries such as Travel and Hospitality, Ecommerce, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, and Telecom. By using a virtual technology platform, their goal is to enhance the customer service experience for Fortune 500 clients. Read more.

What industries and clients will I service?

​Youchoose your own  Industry to service. Select from E-Commerce, Technology, Retail,Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality, Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare, ThemeParks, Tax Preparation Services, and Automotive. These services are provided to the many Fortune 500 companies and top brands that consumers interact daily.

Why is the background check required and factors to continue with the process?

Both Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc. and our clients have high standards. Client Support Professionals (CSPs) provide key services for each client program and have access to confidential information; therefore a background check is required to ensure that each potential CSP’s identity is confirmed and free from criminal history. Arise does not allow anyone to service a client program who was convicted, pled guilty, pled no contest, or had adjudication withheld to any felony or certain misdemeanor charges; including but not limited to theft, fraud, identity theft, or other similar violations.

Are there Partnership Fees?

Our low service fee allows us to provide you with support during all phases of your certification process and during the course of our ongoing working relationship including but not limited to continuing education/training, bank fees, direct deposits, and much more, if you have questions please contact us. Partnering with Z Expressions Hospitality, Inc. offers you the opportunity to service clients without having to incorporate. Our Administrative Support Fee (ASF) is a flat ASF of $42.50 per invoice period. This includes our ASF $22.75 per invoice to Z Expressions Hospitality, Inc., in addition the Arise Virtual Solutions Servicing Fee of $19.75.  The two invoices periods are from the 1st to the 15th of the month and the 16th to the second half of the month. No additional fees or percentage will be deducted from your invoice. All Independent Contractors who wish to partner with us must pass a background check with a third (3rd) party partner processes for a $14.95 fee (subject to change). This non-refundable fee is paid to the background company. In addition, all independent businesses pay for their own certification training courses paid directly to Arise Virtual Solutions. 

Am I limited on the number of hours I can service

​​As an Independent Contractor, you can provide services as your schedule permits. We do ask that Independent Business Owners and Client Service Professionals commit to a minimum of 15-20 hours per week.

What are the benefits of joining the Z Expressions 

Within our network, we help deliver to you, flexibility, to support our clients from the comfort of your home.You are able to be your own boss, the freedom and flexibility to schedule your own hours, select from a variety of certification training class times that work around your schedule, and earn Performance based incentives.

Do I have to be a legal resident of the United States?

​Yes. All  Client Support Professionals must be at least 18 years old and legally reside in the United States.  Please note that the States of California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin are closed for sourcing purposes.

What is Z Expressions Virtual Work at Home

Z Expressions is a global provider of virtual business solutions, which provides work opportunities to students, stay-at-home moms, veterans, retirees and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals.  Z Expressions offers a legitimate virtual work-from-home opportunity. Joining our network is a great opportunity for those who are looking for flexibility, to spend more time with friends and family or to start a business.

FAQ's about Working from Home with Z Expressions