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As an independent work from home consultant do I need to buy equipment?

Every Company must be prepared to service their customers. They will need a computer, internet, headset, office supplies, and telephone to service any client. 

What challenges have been faced seeking work from home independent consultants?

Many challenges have been faced seeking quality independent work from home consultants who want to work and invest in their business. Most individuals believe that working from home should be free without upfront or equipment costs. The truth is that there is no other investment better than the one you make in yourself. There is a sense of accomplishment and freedom that will come when you reach a goal of running your own business. 
When you invest in yourself you can expect costs associated with starting a business, obtaining licenses, and even earning a college degree. It is not an easy process and will take hard work and dedication. In other words you must do your part to be successful. The costs with the Arise Network are minimal to get started and you can be successful with a great support team at your side and Z Expressions is here to help lead, guide and empower.

How did the Company learn of Arise?

The Company learned of Arise Virtual Solutions through networking. The founder wondered if it would be a great fit and began due diligence research prior to making an investment of any kind. She became more knowledgeable about the process and requirements and enrolled with a client. Completely impressed with the network infrastructure, and support available, continuous training agents receive, invaluable knowledge one can gain, and flexible hours, she concluded the upfront cost were reasonable for the opportunites that are available.
Ultimately, she
become certified by completing the client certification course and within 30 days, earning revenue! After completing the contract, she decided to recruit others in their quest to become successful with a work from home career to run their own company, be their own boss, and make their own schedule.

Who are you?

Tiffany Everett is the Founder of Z Expressions LLC., with an Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Bachelors of Science in Communication.She is also a single mom of a special needs child born of hydrocephalus. From the beginning she desired Entrepreneurship knowing she required a flexible schedule to provide the time and attention required. Working from home has enabled her to home-school; which has resulted in a rewarding experience. She has watched her child excel physically, mentally, and advance in education. 
​She has discovered that she has been chosen to live a life of abundance, freedom and dominion. The only limits are those set forth in ones mind.
What is Z Expressions?
Z Expressions is a Community Parent Resource Center for families of children and adults with all disabilities. We provide Growth, Support, and Hope for those with Unique Abilities. Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, our program serves families on the Treasure Coast, Indian River, Martin Okeechobee, and Palm Beach counties, as well as the nation.

Why did you began Z Expressions?

Z Expressions LLC., was started to help consumers and businesses discover creative ideas to acknowledge their gratitude and appreciation for others and expanded to the Special Needs Community to provide Growth, Support, and Hope for those with Unique Abilities. Special work from home opportunities allow families to make more money. 

A Message from Z Expressions Founder, Ms. Tiffany Everett