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The Uniquely Loving Alliance Group provides Inspiration, Ideas and Support to help parents of children with Unique Abilities Create a Perfectly Imperfect Balance to Chaos - organized around 3 phases:

Shock, receiving the diagnosis

Battle, The actual process of finding resources and care

Impact, The process of reassembling the family life

Have you heard of: 

- Hydrocephallus

- Dysgraphia


- Sensory Processing Disorder

 - Autism

 We're these terms were thrown at you and now you feel lost? As a mom with a child of Hydocephallus learning disabilities our founder Tiffany C. Everett  will encourage you and help you make huge leaps to help you get it all together so you can be proactive in planning and supporting your child.

Z Expressions LLC.

​Z Expressions is a diversified organization providing:

- Access to Special Work From Home Opportunities

- Support and Resources

- Mentoring Packages.

Benefits: Work From Home Agent:

  • Lower commuting costs

  • Be your Own Boss

  • Comfortable work Environment

  • Flexibility and Portability

  • Better Life and Work Balance

  • Less Stress

  • ​No office politics

  • ​Control of your income

  • ​Ability to wear comfortable clothes

  • ​Make your own schedule

  • ​More time to spend with those who matter most


Uniquely Alliance Support Group